NewsOctober 11 2017

Well deserved recognition

Posted by Lucy

Well deserved recognition
   My name is Owen St. Clair, I am the superintendent at Wyoming Indian Schools in Ethete, Wy.  
   This past weekend both our cross country teams competed in the Lakota Nation Invitational in Rapid City, SD. I want to share with you the exemplary sportsmanship shown by one of your students, Brenden Estes. 
  My son, Owen Jr., is a freshman on our Chiefs cross country team and has Down Syndrome. Owen Jr., is always far behind other runners but has the will to finish whatever he does. During the race Saturday, Brenden had been encouraging Owie (Owen Jr’s nickname), but with about a 1/2 mile left in the race he started running with Owie. He had a backpack on and carrying some things, his mother told him to put it on the ground and she would pick it up. At that point, Brenden joined Owie with nothing but encouragement and praise. Runners from our cross country team joined Brenden to help Owie finish the cross country race.  
  As a parent who has a son with a disability, you don’t find many kids who will go out of there way to help and encourage. Brenden showed true sportsmanship in helping Owie, but I am more impressed with who Brenden is. After the race, our high school country coach thanked Brenden for what he did, Brenden mentioned that’s what he should do. He was presented with one of our cross country shirts. 
  As an administrator, these are the type of kids that should be celebrated. He showed his true heart which is powerful, and shows great leadership.

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