December 13 2005

[b]Kennebec man records daily weather data [/b]

Posted by Nicole

By Lucy Halverson

Everyday at 6:00 PM Charles (Charley) Bowar, Kennebecs National Weather Service Observer, reads and records the high and low temperatures for the previous 24 hours and determines the amount of precipitation received, if any. Bowar has been doing this for the past 36 years.

Advancements in technology may have changed the procedure slightly over the years but Bowar, or on the rare occasion he is out of town a substitute, must record and reset the weather instruments everyday.
The temperature is displayed electronically on a screen installed inside Bowars home. The machine records the high and low for a 24-hour period. Precipitation in whatever form it takes, from rain, sleet, or snow is collect in large metal container 2 feet tall by 8 inches wide, with a funnel top, much like an ordinary KELO-Land rain gauge only bigger; a glass tube about 2 inches in diameter fits inside the container.

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