NewsOctober 14 2015

2015 Lyman County Visitor and Hunting Guide Now Available

Posted by Lucy

The 2015 Visitor and Hunting Guide  for Lyman County is now available. The guide contains information about hunting in the area  such as where to get licenses,and local conservation officers as well as important phone numbers for the towns of Presho, Kennebec, Reliance, and Vivian. Guides will be available at locations around the towns, and any extra copies can be picked up at the Lyman County Herald in Presho. 

NewsOctober 14 2015

Dry, hot weather helps to dry down 2015 row crop

Posted by Lucy

The fall row crop harvest got underway around Lyman County last week as local elevators started receiving grain.

At Dakota Mill & Grain in Presho, manager Dave Cole reports they have taken in milo and sunflowers.

"The milo is very good," said Cole. "It’s running 56 to 59 pounds."

He reported hearing yields from producers that range from 80 bushel per acre on up.

The milo was coming in a little on the damp side at about 16 percent moisture. Milo needs to be 14 and under to go into a bin without additional drying time.

The temperature in Kennebec was 92 degrees on Saturday and hit 96 on Sunday.

"Sunday afternoon we starting getting some milo in at about 14 percent, but then the wind hit and some guys quit combining due to the fire danger," Cole said.

The elevator has dried about 80,000 bushels of milo already.

A strong weather front moved through the area late Sunday afternoon that dropped the air temperature and brought 50 mile per hour winds to the area.

Local fire departments responded to several fires in the area that were confined before they got out of control.

Sunflowers delivered to Dakota Mill have averaged around the 11 percent moisture. Cole has not seen enough come in yet to estimate yields.

Dakota Mill had cleared all their bins in anticipation of harvest, plus the 280,000 bushel bin destroyed in last June’s wind storm has just recently been rebuilt.

Cole reports Dakota Mill trucks are hauling milo out about as fast as it’s coming in to keep storage space available.

As of Monday, 618,000 bushels of milo has been delivered to the Wheat Growers elevator at Kennebec. The elevator is taking grain that needs to be dried, but any dry milo or sunflowers coming in will be able to be dumped at the new flat storage building (grain barn) at the Wheat Growers’ new grain terminal site west of town.

"The big push seems to be milo right now, " said Michelle Langenbau from Wheat Growers.

NewsOctober 07 2015

Lyman crowns 2015 royalty

Posted by Lucy

Members of the 2015 royal court include; L-r: Quinn Lulf, Tyler Lebeda, Korder Cropsey, Conrad Mohr-Eymer, Phyzon Milton, Brooke Jennings, Phoenix Choal Mandy Cole, Kyle Welter, and Carly Uthe. Front, l-r - Royal Lulf, Jayde Barnhill, Hailey Thomas and Blaine Gourneau. To read more about this years homecoming, get your copy of the Lyman County Herald today.

NewsOctober 07 2015

Crews start laying rail

Posted by Lucy

Railworks Tracks System started replacing rail last week on the MRC line west of Reliance as bridge work continues from Reliance east to Chamberlain.

According to Bruce Lindholm of the South Dakota Dept. of Transportation the $37 million MRC reconstruction project is proceeding on schedule.

Lindholm recently spoke at a Kiwanis meeting in Chamberlain and told those in attendance that approximately 40 percent of the work on the Missouri River bridge upgrade has been completed.

"All the wood elements on the bridge are being replaced to allow 136 pound rail to be installed to handle heavier grain car traffic," Lindholm said.

The wood salvaged from the bridge will be sold and not reused.

The new wood ties, walkways and inspection planks being used on the bridge will be treated with a wood preservative.

Because the bridge is above the Missouri River, they will use copper naphthalene to preserve the wood.

"Creosote won’t be used," Lindholm said. "Copper naphthalene is more environmentally friendly."

The bridge was built in 1953 and was deemed to have a secure foundation. Once the repairs are made and the rail upgraded, Lindholm stated it should be good for "another 50 to 80 years."

Koopers Railroad Structures of Madison, Wisconsin received the contract for all the bridge repairs along the 42.4 miles of rail line to be rehabbed.

Work on the smaller bridges from Reliance east to the river is also proceeding as expected.

All the bridge work is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

A local company from Reliance, RPH received the contract for culvert work.

Many of the culverts have collapsed over the years and rather than dig them up and replace, they’ll insert steel liners to open them up. About 30 percent of the culvert work has been completed.

Most of the $20 million in materials has been delivered to the area and is stored along the track.

"We still have about half of the rail to come in yet," said Lindholm.

For the last month crews have been hauling material out on the line. Currently, the rail, steel plates and joint bars are positioned on or near the track between Reliance and Kennebec waiting to be installed.

The only spot on the rehab project to get continuous rail will be the bridge over the Missouri.

"We ordered two sticks of rail, a mile long, for the bridge," Lindholm said. "It will be field welded to make continuous rail across the bridge."

The rail rehab project has two major deadlines.

The first is to have the line open to train traffic from Chamberlain to Kennebec by September 1, 2016 and the second is to have the project completed to Presho by December 31, 2016.

"We’re on schedule so far," said Lindholm.

This cost to rehab the line is estimated at $800,000 per mile.

Lindholm identified the funding sources for the $37 million rehab as follows:

When asked if there are any plans to continue rehabbing the line further west, Lindholm stated there was interest to try and get funding to go as far as Draper or maybe Murdo.

The MRC line originally ran to Rapid City and while the rail bed and right-of-way is still owned by the state, the rail from Kadoka to Rapid was removed many years ago.

Bringing rail service back to central South Dakota is clearly beneficial to the area and the state.

"It’s already spawned two new elevators to be built along the line," Lindholm said.

The real payback to the state will come from the increased efficiency in transporting ag products in and out of the area.

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