March 14 2006

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Lyman Auditor Pam Michalek explains to Penni Almond, deputy auditor, how the new AutoMARK voting tool can assist voters cast their ballots independently and privately

March 14 2006

[b]Lyman County receives AutoMark voting machines[/b]

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By Lucy Halverson

The Lyman County Auditors office recently received seven AutoMARK machines that will be put into service at the upcoming primary election June 6 and the general election November 7. The AutoMARK machine is currently on display at the auditors office for the public to view.
The Help American Vote Act (HAVA) requires that each polling place for any federal election beginning in 2006 have the voter assisted terminals available for all voters-including those with disabilities-to use to vote independently and privately.

Lyman County Auditor Pam Michalek and deputy Penni Almond attended an area training session February 13 at Winner, SD.
The AutoMARK is a tool-an electronic pen- that assists the voter in marking his ballot. Each voter will be given a paper optical scan ballot. The voter will choose whether to mark his ballot with a pen or the AutoMARK. When the ballot is inserted into the AutoMARK machine, an electronic version appears on the screen. This picture of the ballot can be show in reverse contrast, enlarged for easier reading or turned off for privacy if a voter chooses to access his ballot by attached headphones and keypad. This audio description of the ballot can be used in place of or in conjunction with the visual version on the screen. The voter makes his selections by either the touch screen or the keypad. In certain counties in South Dakota the AutoMARK will also be provided with a Lakota language option.

Michalek plans to invite all Lyman County poll workers to a regional training session to be presented by Secretary of State Chris Nelson at the Oacoma Community Center on May 8. Plus, the auditor will host a public demonstration of the AutoMARK on Tuesday, April 4 from 2:00 pm. to 5:00 p.m. for interested voters to practice using the machines.

March 14 2006

[b]Spring Snow hits area [/b]

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Two quick moving spring snow storms went through the area over the weekend dumping five inches or more of snow across the Lyman County area.

While amount varied, Charles Bowar, National Weather Observer from Kennebec, recorded about a inch of moisture between the Friday evening and Sunday evening snow.

Lyman County deputy sheriff Steve Manger reported that emergency personal responded to numerous vehicles in the ditch along I-90 during the storm due to ice and snow.

Early Saturday morning about 1:00 a.m. a delivery truck went off Highway U.S. 83 about 2 miles north of Vivian then two semi trucks with cattle trailers became stuck trying to travel north on U.S. 83 at the same location. It took until about 4 a.m. to get them all out and going again, stated deputy Manger.

Lyman School had an one hour late start Monday morning due to the icy road conditions.

March 14 2006


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Myrtle O. Ashcraft, 92

Myrtle O. Ashcraft was born February 1, 1914 she passed away February 24, 2006.
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