July 05 2005

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Blaine Brakke, on the left, and John Uthe, on the right, city employees, install a Presho Centennial Banner to a light pole on Main Street Thursday afternoon prior to the start of the Presho Centennial Celebration. Over 50 banners were ordered to be installed along certain streets in Presho. The Presho Centennial logo and the name of the sponsor are printed on the red and white banners.

July 05 2005

[b]Presho Centennial Celebration concludes Monday[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Lucy Halverson

Preshos 100th celebration wrapped up Monday, July 4th with a potluck dinner under the tent at the city park. Due to the short workweek, caused by the 4th of July holiday, the Herald will feature all the photos and stories from the celebration in next weeks issue (July 13th).

Clean up started at the park Monday afternoon as guests departed the picnic. Unfortunately, the Centennial committee received word that eight flags and three aluminum poles from the State flag display along Main Street were reported missing.

A Main Street resident noticed the missing flags and reported it to the Lyman County Sheriffs office Monday morning. When volunteers started gathering up the flags, poles, and steel posts it became apparent that some of the flags were deliberately cut from their poles while others were taken along with the pole.

According to centennial committee co-chairman Mike Sprenger this incident was very disheartening. We rented the flags from a company from Sioux Falls, now in addition to the rental fee we will have to pay for the replacement of these missing flags, which could be another $ 400, stated Sprenger. After such a wonderful weekend, to have this happen (theft), its really a let down to all the committee members.

Tuesday morning Sheriff Don Manger received a report from Presho resident Paul Olson that the large flag from the Lyman County Pioneer and Veterans Memorial was also missing. Presho Legion members went to the museum Monday morning to hang flags and discovered the large flag was gone.

According to Manger theft of an item valued at more than $ 500 is considered grand theft. We working to determine just what was taken, when, and the value of the items, stated Manger.
The case remains under investigation. Please contact the sheriffs office at 869-2267 if you have any information in regards to the stolen flags.

July 05 2005

[b]New addition to Herald staff [/b]

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Stacie Gran recently joined the staff of the Lyman County Herald as advertising manager. She will be responsible for all advertising in the Herald and the Heralds shopper, The BuyWay.

Stacie was previously employed at Register Lakota Printing as a graphic artist. She also worked for theTri-State Livestock News, a subsidiary of Country Media, at Sturgis. This is not Stacies first experience at a weekly newspaper; she worked for at the Herald as a summer intern in 2002 following her graduation from SDSU.
Stacie and her husband Charlie live in Kennebec. Charlie works for Larry Christensen farms of Kennebec.

Were excited to have Stacie join our staff, her experience in the commercial printing business will be an asset to the Herald, stated publisher Lucy Halverson

June 29 2005

Reliance Centennial

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Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/firedept.jpg

Members of the Reliance Fire Department pull the towns original fire fighting equipment through the Centennial Parade. Front to back: Gary Hovey, Stacey Choal, Jason Hyde, Donnie McManus, Bruce Eymer, Chris Eymer, Keith Herman, Shane Reis, Amy and Aaron Stewart.
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