May 24 2005

[b]Bull Fighter Honored[/b]

Posted by Nicole
During the New Frontier Bull Ride Saturday night, Beaver Scott, long time bullfighter, announced his retirement from active bull fighting. Beaver of Presho, is the father of two children, LaKeeshia and Lane.
Beaver has been involved with the sport of rodeo as a participant or clown for over 26 years. Hes worked the South Dakota 4-H Finals the last 10 years. Helping young kids is his passion, whether its working with his own two children or the Make-A-Wish kids through the South Dakota Rodeo Association.

The Make-A-Wish families in South Dakota are treated each year by the Northern Bull Riding Tour to an all-expense paid weekend at the Finals. The Make-A-Wish kids expect Beaver to be there and know that hell spend time with each of them.

Beaver is retiring from the arena, but it will never really be retirement, as he will continue to work with rodeo youth, sharpening their skills to avoid injury. He has always loved the rodeo, but he also loves helping kids.

May 17 2005

Posted by Nicole

Presho volunteers were busy delivering dirt filled wood planters Monday to homes and businesses along Main Street. Later in the day more volunteers showed up to fill the planters with flowers for the upcoming centennial celebration. Wanda Lee Sweeney, on the left, and Wanda Sweeney were among those planting flowers.

May 17 2005

[b]Myers wins eBay auction[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Lucy Halverson

A California man, who has a soft spot in his heart for Kennebec won the position of Kennebec Centennial Parade Grand Marshal with a final bid of $ 760.

Tom Myers or T.G. as he is known around the Kennebec area was excited and surprised to learn he had the winning the bid. Don Miller of Kennebec did the actual bidding for me, then some local friends added to my bid to bring it up to $ 760, stated Myers. Myers is looking forward to being part of the Kennebec Centennial Parade this summer. Ill be there, added Myers.

The auction met the goals set by centennial committeeman and eBay auction organizer Kim Halverson. I had three goals when this started, to raise money for the celebration, to gain some publicity for Kennebecs celebration, and to have some fun. Id say the auction successfully accomplished all three, stated Halverson. The centennial committee appreciates all those who supported the auction through the bidding, added Halverson.

The parade marshal auction story was picked up by the Associated Press and ran in most South Dakota daily newspapers plus USA Today. The local ABC affiliate KSFY, CNN and FOX News carried the story. Halverson reported receiving 49 bids from as far away as California and Arizona. The page was viewed over 1,500 times during the 10-day auction.

The Kennebec Centennial Celebration will be held June 17-19. To view a tentative schedule of the Kennebecs celebration log on to the Heralds website at

May 17 2005

[b]The BuyWay arrives at the Herald[/b]

Posted by Nicole
Lyman County Herald readers will find the first issue of The BuyWay, an advertising supplement to the Lyman County Herald, in this weeks issue.

The BuyWay was developed as a marketing source for local advertisers especially agriculture related products and services. Our goal was to develop a weekly shopper for the central part of the state that appealed to those interested in making a purchase or selling a specific item or service. We realize not everyone is interested reading through the local, social, or school news within the Herald to find the service or product they need, stated Herald publisher Lucy Halverson.

South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Larry Gabriels weekly column will be featured in The BuyWay along with Karlas Kitchen by Karla Pazour, a Brule County farm wife and member of the South Dakota Prime Cattlewomen.

The BuyWay, published every Wednesday as an insert in the Herald, will serve an area including Lyman, Brule, and surrounding counties. The BuyWay will also be available across the counter.
To place an ad in The BuyWay contact the Lyman County Herald at 895-6397.
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