July 26 2005

[b]Catholic Church welcomes new preist[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Nicole Choal

Father Timothy Castor has been assigned to the Christ the King Catholic churches in Presho, Draper, and Murdo as administrator of the parish. He moved here on Wednesday and the next Sunday, July 17, 2005 was his first day preaching.

Growing up in a Baptist family, Father Castor had known from an early age he wanted to do something relating to ministry. During family reunions he would listen to stories of relatives who were pastors or missionaries. It was these stories that led him to do a year of missionary work in Jerusalem during his junior year of college. The trip to Jerusalem along with study, prayer, and conversations with many people guided him to the decision to become Catholic.

After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Bible from Philadelphia College of Bible in Langhorne, PA, he then went to live in a monastery in Massachusetts for five years with 6 months at the head monastery in Scotland. During this time he volunteered as a missionary in Thailand. He decided monastery life was not his calling and felt the need to become a priest.

July 26 2005

[b]Cannons advance to District Tourney [/b]

Posted by Nicole
The Pony Hills District 3 Amateur baseball Tournament will be held July 28, 29, 30, 31 and August 4 & 5 with games 1-4 being held in Wessington Springs and games 5-8 in Chamberlain. Teams playing include: KC Cannons, Wessington Springs White Lake/Kimball, Four Corners, and Wessington/ Miller.

The #1 seed Cannons 1st game will be Saturday, July 30 in Wessington Springs at 7:30 pm against the winner of the Four Corners/Plankinton game. If the Cannons win they will play Thursday, Aug 4 in Chamberlain at 7:30 pm; if they lose they will play Sunday, July 31 at 7:30 pm in Wessington Springs.

July 19 2005

Posted by Nicole
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/truck.jpg

Justin Hall, of C&R Harvesting, Cuba, Kansas, was in line early Tuesday morning to unload winter wheat belonging to Ross Ambur, who farms south of Presho.

July 19 2005

[b]July means harvest, heat in Lyman County[/b]

Posted by Nicole
Fire destroys acres of wheat stubble south of Kennebec

by Lucy Halverson

Julys hot dry weather along with harvest activity can be disastrous for farmers when fire strikes.
Dave Hoogendoorn, Kennebec, was the first to notice smoke and flames coming from a wheat stubble field, belonging to the Mike Arnoldy and family, located about 7 miles south of Kennebec, Thursday afternoon. Hoogendoorn called the Kennebec fire department about 5 pm.

When we arrived flames, 25 to 30 feet high, were coming off the head of the fire, stated Kennebec fireman and Lyman County Emergency Director, Steve Manger. The fire apparently started in the southeast corner of a field of wheat stubble, located less than a mile west of 318th Ave (main road south of Kennebec) and quickly moved to the northwest burning acres of stubble. Mike Arnoldys hired man was driving a Rhino, equipped with a sprayer, spot spraying thistle when straw got on the motor and ignited.

It was an extremely hot fire and traveled very fast. We had it nearly contained when it came to a grass waterway, but about that time we (Kennebec fire department) ran out of water, and it went right through that green grass, added Manger.

The Presho and Reliance departments were called in for assistance. In addition local farmer Jerry Mundlein brought a trailer with a water tank. Other neighbors with tractors and disks attempted to break the ground around the fire to form a fire line, but the fire jumped at least two lines before it was finally contained just south of a building site belonging to Gary Schindler.

Mike Arnoldy was not sure of the number of acres burned. I was cutting wheat north of Presho when I heard about the fire, by the time I got there it was about all over, stated Arnoldy.
A few acres of Gary Schindlers uncut wheat was burned before the fire was extinguished.

Manger reminds area residents that onlookers need to stay a safe distance back from any emergency situation such as the Arnoldy fire. The smoke was so thick on the north side of the fire that drivers had difficulty seeing. A fire truck nearly collided with a vehicle that was driving by.

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