September 01 2004

[b]Lines from Lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Last first day of school photo captured

Monday morning was the start of a new school year at Lyman and the beginning of year of 'lasts' for me. As I took the traditional first day of school photo of my son, the youngest of my three children, the realization of the importance of this day hit me. It was the 'last' first day of school for my children.

September 01 2004

[b]Presho News[/b] by Donna Cole

Posted by Kim
Renee Miller took Rosa Lamb and Darlene Miller to Chamberlain Tuesday for Doctor appointments. They stopped to have lunch at the Regency with Alice Boss.

Weekend guests at the Mary Lou and Tony Urban home were Vickie and Jay Husman and Allan Urban.

September 01 2004

[b]J.M. Walters[/b]

Posted by Kim
J.M. Walters

August 25 2004

[b]Brooder House Burns[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: /e107_files/images/fire1.jpg

A pile of debris is all that remains of a brooder house following a fire at the Gene and Janet Clark farm south of Presho Saturday, August 21. Presho and Kennebec fire departments responded to the fire.
photo by Lucy Halverson

By Lucy Halverson

Gene and Janet Clark returned home to their farm about 3-miles south of Presho late Saturday afternoon to discover a brooder house engulfed in flames. \"As we came up on top of the hill we saw smoke coming from our place and couldnt image what could be burning,\" stated Gene.
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