January 05 2005

[b]Lines from Lucy[/b]

Posted by Kim
Has Winter finally arrived?

If you didn't get your outside Christmas lights and decorations down last week you might be waiting awhile for another warm day to come along to complete the task.

January 05 2005

[b]Iona News[/b] by Betty Shaffer

Posted by Kim
The Iona church had Christmas Eve services at
5:30 Friday evening with a very meaningful service prepared by Pastor Bill with a letter from God written on a scroll read by Pastor Bill. The Christmas story was read by several. Special music was by Dick Shaffer playing his guitar and his three granddaughters, Bailee, Santanya and Lahna helping him sing some Christmas songs. All the children helped with the nativity story, ending with the candle lighting service. Thirty Kenzys helped fill the church for the service.

January 05 2005

[b]Lyle Peterson, 89[/b]

Posted by Kim
Lyle Peterson, 89

December 29 2004

[b]Mertens retires from County Commission[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/Rich.jpg

Rich Mertens, on the left, receives a certificate from fellow commissioner Leroy Choal.

by Lucy Halverson

Lyman County Commissioner Rich Mertens was honored and recognized by fellow commissioners and county employees at the county Christmas pot luck dinner Tuesday, December 21st held at the courthouse. He was presented a certificate and a Black Hills money clip in appreciation for 20 years of service to the county.

Mertens choose not to run for a sixth term in 2004, indicating it was time for him to step down.

He will retire after 20 years service, many of those years serving as chairman of the board, at the final commission meeting of the year, December 30, 2004.
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