December 01 2004

[b]Frank Kreinbuhl, 88[/b]

Posted by Kim
Frank Kreinbuhl, 88

November 24 2004

[b]2004 milo crop piled north of Kennebec[/b]

Posted by Kim

Kennebec Farmers Union Coop Elevator's 320,000 bushel milo pile located north of Kennebec. The main elevator is pictured behind the pile on the right side.

By Lucy HalversonThe 2004 fall harvest was a long and drawn out experience for many Lyman County area farmers but didn't produce an exceptionally abundant harvest. According to Stan Collins, manager of the Farmers Union Coop Elevator in Kennebec they started receiving Milo October 4th. "As of today (Monday, November 22nd), I'd say the harvest is more or less done, now. There may be some downed milo out there that may or may not get harvested," stated Collins. Milo taken in at Kennebec averaged about 53 to 54 pounds. Historically, the elevator piles grain on the ground during the busist part of the harvest season then picks it up later once the incoming flow of grain slows down.

The elevator has piled 310,000 bushels of milo since the middle of October on land located north of town that belongs to Mike Arnoldy. "It's not the biggest pile, we've had bigger ones in the past," Collins stated. No corn was piled on the ground this year. Just 200,000 bushels of corn were received at the elevator.

Some grain has been picked up and hauled to the main elevator but the majority will be trucked to Highmore and loaded on grain cars as soon as a train becomes available. Collins expects to receive a train and cars around the 15th of December. Grain cars are in short supply due to an abundant corn and soybean harvest in eastern South Dakota and further east.

Monday's price for Milo was $1.66 a bushel while corn was $ 1.70 per bushel.

November 24 2004

[b]Presho Centennial Committee receives first donation [/b]

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Arlene and Arvid Ambur, center, are presented a certificate of appreciation by committee co-chairs Mike Sprenger and Steve Hayes, right.

by Lucy Halverson

Presho residents Arlene and Arvid Ambur were the first to contribute $500 to the Presho Centennial Committee Fund. Committee co-chairmen Mike Sprenger and Steve Hayes presented the Ambur's with a certificate of appreciation for their financial support.

Following the Ambur's gift there has been numerous other individuals and local businesses that have contributed to the centennial fund. All financial gifts of $ 500 or more receive a certificate. Fund raising efforts for the July 2005 Presho Centennial Celebration continue. All donations are accepted and appreciated.

November 24 2004

[b]Lines from lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Take time to give thanks

On Thursday many of us will gather around a table with family and friends and partake in a delicious Thanksgiving dinner while giving thanks for our many blesses. I am especially thankful that a few unfortunate incidents and accidents that recently occurred involving members of my family were not any worse than they were.

Here's a few of the things I'm thankful for.

Be thankful for seat belts, infant car seats, and a young mother who is adamant that her children buckle up.

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