June 16 2004

[b]Presho News[/b] by Donna Cole

Posted by Kim
Thank you to the wonderful responses that I got from everyone I called about their news. I am sorry that I could not reach all of you. Please call 895-2348 if you have news.

Rosa Lamb and Renee Miller flew to Pasco, Washington last week to spend five days with Rosas daughter and Renees sister Judy and Bob Dickman. While there Judys daughter Tami Martinez and her daughter Breanna of Greeley, CO came to visit. On the return trip Rosa and Renee had to stay in Denver at the Radisson due to bad flying conditions. Rosas great granddaughter Casandra and Marven Dieterle and boys Jacob and Dylan of Greeley, CO came to have dinner and to spend time visiting and getting acquainted with great-great grandson Dylan who was just two weeks old. Rosa and Renee returned home safely a day late.

June 16 2004

[b]Jessie W. Masteller, 85 [/b]

Posted by Kim
Jessie W. Masteller, 85

June 16 2004

[b]Betty Jo Fortune, 53[/b]

Posted by Kim
Betty Jo Fortune, 53

June 15 2004

[b]Lyman School Election [/b]

Posted by Kim

June 15, 2004 Lyman School Board Election
Unfficial Returns

Total Reliance Lower Brule Kennebec Presho Vivian
Jody Jessop 299 21 67 43 122 46
Mike Chester 223 11 28 39 96 49
Thad Schindler 175 32 59 17 47 20
David Millard 232 24 44 38 89 37

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