January 26 2005

[b]Arline Thompson, 86 [/b]

Posted by Kim
Arline Thompson, 86

January 19 2005

[b]Raiders bring home Championship third year in a row [/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/trophy.jpg

Lyman Seniors pick up first place trophy

By Colby Brakke, Abner Nissen, and Alexis Mayer, Lyman High School Journalism students

The Lyman Raiders won the championship game of the Jones County Tournament for the third straight year as they beat White River on January 15, at the Murdo Gym.

January 19 2005

[b]Commemorative Lyman County gun raffled by Presho Centennial Committee[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/centgun.jpg

Gun winner Dianna Diehm

by Lucy Halverson

The Presho Centennial Committee recently completed a raffle for a commemorative Lyman County Winchester 30/30 rifle and held the drawing Dec. 30th. Dianna (Kenobbie) Diehm of Ft. Pierre was declared the winner. Mike Sprenger, committee co-chair recently presented Dianna with the riffle.

January 19 2005

[b]Lines from Lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Keeping up with junk

Recently I convinced my husband it was time to hang the new shelf I received as a Christmas gift. While looking for a nail or screw the appropriate length, I found myself elbow deep in the household toolbox. Digging through the toolbox I came across a great deal of useless items that over the years had been dumped in the box, resulting in another 'junk' receptacle in my house.

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