NewsAugust 05 2015

Lyman County museum shows off new sign

Posted by Lucy

Summer staff members Tammy Cole (left) and Carmen Patrick stand by one of the new signs erected on the museum grounds this summer. All are invited to the 45th anniversary of the dedication of the museum Sunday, Aug. 9th at 5:00 pm

NewsAugust 05 2015

Society to hold rededication of Pioneer Museum

Posted by Lucy

A group of Lyman County people interested in preserving the history of the county and its settlers gathered together July 5, 1961 to discuss starting an organization. They called for a public meeting a couple weeks later and the organization known as the Lyman County Historical Society was officially started.

Over 50 years later, the Historical Society invites the public to a re-dedication event Sunday, August 9 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm to celebrate the museum organized and built by the Historical Society.

A history program by local historian Lonis Wendt of Vivian will open the event at 5:00 pm, followed by a picnic meal, musical entertainment by Dawn Lintvedt and her son Rob, games for kids and plenty of time to visit and tour the museum.

Museum summer staff members Tammy Cole and Carmen Patrick have been working all summer to get the museum ready for the re-dedication. New signs have been installed outside the museum, and displays re-arranged and organized to offer viewers a pleasant tour for what life used to be like in Lyman County.

All are invited, and welcomed to visit the Lyman County Pioneer Museum.

History of the organization

One acre of land near Hwy 16 was secured from Mrs. Al (Myrtle) Boe to construct a museum to house artifacts and memorabilia.

The main building was built in the spring of 1968 and a housewarming and oldtime dance was held in the completed 100 foot by 50 foot steel building.

The event featured music by The Dittos, a local band, and other performers including a combo that played music for the younger generation, that included Rebecca Leichtnam, Curtis Halvorson, Mrs. Judy Busch and Tom Bush. Prizes were awarded and a lunch of cakes, doughnuts and soft drinks served for an admission fee of $1.

A second building was erected on the grounds in 1970 and dedicated August 9th.

Judge John B. Jones, Jr. presented the dedication address. Arlo Huffman and his uncle, Tom Huffman, a Presho pioneer of 1906 provided musical entertainment.

The Lyman County Historical Society published their first book, Lyman County Pioneers in 1968, comprised of historical accounts of early day pioneers. The books sold out quickly.

Another book, Early Settlers in Lyman County was published in 1974 that included the reprinting of the first publication and more family histories.

Another building was built and attached to the main museum in 1974. Later, in 1989, a covered overhang is added to the east side of the building to protect machinery from the weather.

Outbuildings moved to the grounds and repaired include the Paige Country School, the Sweeney Catholic Church, the log cabin, the country store (originally the mission building from south of Presho).

In the early 1990’s a group of people came up with the idea to build a veterans and pioneers Memorial. A large flagpole was set in the center of the museum grounds and dedicated on July 4, 1990. The Memorial, built around the parameter of the flagpole, was started in 1991. The Memorial consists of 12 engraved granite stones set upright around the base of the flagpole. Names of veterans were engraved at no charge and pioneer family names were added for a contribution to the memorial.

A third book, "Winds of Change" was published in 1997. It contains more family histories and an update of the years 1973- 1997.

The Lyman County Historical Society officers continues to manage the museum. A curator is hired along with some part time help. While the museum receives yearly financial support of $5,000 from the county to cover operational costs, much of the upkeep to buildings and maintenance costs are covered by fundraisers.

"The Winds of Change have blown over the prairies of Lyman County from every direction, bringing the changes necessary for growth and survival. Though the number of pioneers who originally homesteaded Lyman County are dwindling, they’ve left a legacy of perseverance, courage, and love of the land deeply ingrained in succeeding generations," said Lonis Wendt society member.

And, that is what will keep the Lyman County Historical Society Museum going for the next 100 years.

The museum is open Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment.

NewsJuly 29 2015

Lyman grads return for alumni

Posted by Lucy

Lyman grads return for alumni

Top: The class of 1975 gathered for a class reunion Friday, July 24th at the Medicine Creek Golf Course clubhouse to celebrate thier 40th 

 Bottom :  Some members of the Lyman  class of 2005 gathered for a group photo  during their 10th  reunion which was also at the clubhouse  Friday, July 24th.

NewsJuly 29 2015

Lyman grads return for reunion

Posted by Lucy

Graduates of Lyman High School returned to the county last week to celebrate school reunions Friday and Saturday night. Several classes met individually Friday night and then gathered for an all school reunion at the Medicine Creek Golf Course Clubhouse Saturday, July 25.

Approximately 55 association members registered. In addition, a number of spouses also attended.

After a meal prepared and furnished by the clubhouse staff and alumni who brought dishes to share, Norval Millard, 1st vice president welcomed the alumni, and announced Caitlin Uthe of Presho as the winner of the 2015 alumni scholarship of $500. A collection was taken for next year’s scholarship, which is open to any Lyman alumni in their second year of post secondary study. The application deadline is April 1st.

Only one Lyman graduate, Kevin Thayer, a 1980 grad, was added to the list of deceased graduates. Dean Reumann, a 1974 alumni, was elected to serve as the new 2nd vice president to replace president Jim Cole, whose term expired this year.

Members of the honor classes in attendance were recognized, including those from 1975, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005. There were no graduates from the class of 1980 or 2010 in attendance.

A LHS trivia game was played that encompassed school history from the honored years.

It was the consensus of the assembled group of alumni that they liked meeting at the club house and unless the size of the crowd increases greatly, they would continue to meet at the golf course on the last Saturday of July.

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