NewsDecember 21 2016

Donations surpass $450,000 for the Greater Lyman Foundation

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Donations surpass $450,000 
     Greater Lyman Foundation donations have now exceeded $451,000 as the Foundation heads toward it’s next goal of $500,000.
     Hieb Land & Cattle Company (Stacey & Debby Hieb) generously donated $5,000 to the Foundation. The Hiebs have recently moved back to the area after living in Colorado for many years and have watched the progress of GLF and support its purpose.
     GLF also received a generous donation of $4,000 from Dorothy Skufca of Laguna Beach, California. She made the donation in memory of her good friend, Gail E. Gifford, Gail’s mother, Geraldine Gifford, and Gail’s grandmother, Orpha Lien, all former residents of Lyman County who are now deceased.
     Additional significant donations were made by Marilyn & Seth Allen, Ralph & Marlene Schuiling, Merle & Marlene Aamot and Redi Mix Inc. (Don & Peg Steckelberg) of Chamberlain.
     Recent memorials have been given by Birgen Sprenger Inc., Ruth Ann McManus, Paul & LaVerne Olson, Donny & Sheila Manger, Lance & Doris Ekberg, David John & Judy Mertens, Stulken, Petersen, Lingle, Walti & Jones, LLP and Jim & Carol Sundall.
     Memorials have been donated in memory of Ronald Juhnke, Laurel Houchin, Inez Schoulte, Doreine Anderson and Robert “Bob” Krier.
     The GLF Board of Directors remind everyone to please consider making a donation to the Foundation before the end of the year.

NewsDecember 15 2016

Reliance Christmas program

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Reliance area youth exhibited their musical talents Sun., Dec. 11 during the annual RACD Christmas Variety Show.

NewsDecember 14 2016

Train speed will increase

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DSR reminds public to use caution at crossings  
    The MRC Railroad Authority Board received word from a representative from the Dept. of Transportation that the construction of the rail line from Chamberlain to Presho has been completed and the final paperwork to turn the line back over to operator Dakota Southern (DSR) could be finished by the end of the year. 
     Lynn Kennison, transportation specialist with the Dept. of Transportation, informed the board the final inspection of the line has been done, and they now have a good base line of the condition of the line. Going forward Dakota Southern will be responsible to maintain the track’s condition with timely maintenance and repairs as needed. 
     Heath Hayden spokesperson for DSR stated five trains have arrived in Kennebec since the rail line re-opened the end of October. There have been four grain shuttle trains that hauled grain out of the Wheat Growers facility at Kennebec and one train that delivered fertilizer to the Agronomy Center.
     Train traffic is expected to pick up after the first of the year. Hayden estimated DSR may have as many as 17 trains going west out of Mitchell in January, heading for the facility at Kimball or Kennebec. 
     Hayden reported that the line east of Chamberlain to Mitchell has been classified as a Class II rail line which allows trains to travel at 25 miles per hour. 
     We’re close to being able to run at 25 west of Chamberlain,” said Hayden. “There a few places still needing attention.’ Hayden stated trains will not travel at that speed through towns along the line but the public should be aware of trains on the line and to look both ways at crossings. In a joint effort between the DOT and Dakota Southern, a new crossing is being install on Hwy 281 east of Plankinton that will have signal lights. 
     Hayden was asked if trains will be picking up cars along the line from other businesses than the two large shuttle-train facilities at Kimball and Kennebec. 
     We want their business,” said Hayden in reference to other businesses along the line. He explained that a scoot train could be used to pick up cars.
     “It will come down to the cost of shipping, when fuel is high it may make sense to use a scoot train to pick up 10 or 20 cars,” said Hayden. “We’re open to making this railroad grow.”
     Hayden indicated that in order for train traffic to increase west of Mitchell a ‘pass track’ is needed to allow trains to travel both directions. 
     Mitchell to Rapid City (MRC) board member Monte Anker of Murdo asked Kennison of the DOT about the possibility of continuing the rail rehab west of Presho to Murdo. 
     Will there be a push to Murdo, now?” asked Anker. 
     According to Kennison no official cost estimate has been placed on rehabbing the line to Murdo. He stated the condition of the track west of Presho is more deteriorated, and the line has more crossings than from Chamberlain to Presho. It is also not known if the new administration will offer federal funding like the TIGER grants for future infrastructure projects. 
     MRC board chairman Tom Greenway of Mount Vernon stated it was fortunate that they were able to keep the MRC line open until the money came along to fix it.
     We’ve come a long way,” said Greenway.

NewsDecember 07 2016

Presho holds holiday event

Posted by Lucy

Presho holds holiday event 
Rozin visited with Santa at the Presho Post Office during the annual Presho Chamber Holiday Open House event Thurs., Dec. 1.
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