January 05 2004

[b]Halverson destroys web site[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Kim Halverson
Sunday evening January 4, Kim Halverson managed to destroy the new lcherald.com website and in the process lost all membership information, news, poll information and much of his credibility.

A new bug fix was announced for the software being used and Halverson promptly uploaded the new files to lcherald.com. However a full install was done instead of an upgrade and in the process of overwriting, all previous information was lost.
"I don't know what I was thinking", Halverson said when quizzed. "I guess, it was late on a Sunday and I was in a hurry to get to bed."
"I spent some time Sunday night and Monday morning trying to retrieve the files, but I was not successful. I now recognize the importance of good backups," he added.
The website was finally returned to a shadow of former itself about 4:00 pm Monday. "I hope I remembered to do everything. After 8 hours of rebuilding the site, I'm being to tire." concluded Kim.

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