April 13 2004

[b]New patrolman stationed at Presho[/b]

Posted by Kim
by Lucy Halverson

One of South Dakota's newest Highway Patrol officers, Michael Wether, formerly of Winner, has been stationed in Presho and officially started his new assignment this last week.
Wether, a native of Iowa, came to South Dakota as a member of the United States Air Force stationed at Ellsworth outside of Rapid City. Following his military service and marriage to Winner native Misty Brown, the Wether's made Winner their home.

Wether has a long history of law enforcement service. He spent five years as a Tripp Co. Deputy Sheriff and also worked as a Winner City police officer.

The Wether's will move to Presho this summer once their children and Misty finish school. Misty currently teaches preschool at Todd Co. and their children, Kimberly, 10, Jessica, 8, and Kyle 4 attend school and preschool in Winner.

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