April 13 2004

[b]Primary election nominating petitions filed[/b]

Posted by Kim
by Lucy Halverson

Upon the deadline for filing nominating petitions for the upcoming primary election, Pam Michalek, Lyman Co. Auditor, reports the addition of three more individuals running for election to public office in Lyman County.
Tim Boysen, a Republican of rural Presho, filed for the 4-year position on the County Commission.

There are two 4-year terms and one 2-year term open on the commission this year. With the addition of Boysen's petition there are three candidates running in the commission race. Earlier incumbent Leroy Choal filed for another 4-year term and incumbent Ryan Huffman filed for the 2-year term.

Long time commissioner Rich Mertens chose not to run for re-election. Mertens, a Democrat from Kennebec, is completing his 20th year on the commission. "I've enjoyed serving over the years, and appreciate the support I've received over the past years. I feel that the board is in good hands and it's time for me step down," stated Mertens.

Two Republican attorneys, Ann Arnoldy, Kennebec and Paul Jensen, Winner, have filed for the States Attorney job. Prior to a recent change in state law, Jensen, who lives in Tripp County could run for the position and if elected must reside in the county upon taking office. But, the 2004 state legislature changed that State law this past session. As of July 1, 2005 the States Attorney can be elected to serve and still reside in an adjacent county.

In addition, a primary election between current treasurer Carol Sundall and challenger Heather Moore, will be held for the Lyman Co. Treasurer's position.

Other races on the June 1st primary ballot will include the special election for South Dakota's Congressional seat between Larry Diedrich, R. and Stephanie Herseth, D. and South Dakota District 26 House race between Cooper Garnos, Todd Fuoss, Barry Jensen, and Maurice 'Mo' Gustafson.

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