June 08 2011

School board to interview four candidates

Posted by Lucy

School board to interview four candidates  
The Lyman School Board met last Wednesday, June 1 at 6 PM to review applications for the superintendent position.
 All board members were present with the exception of Bob Fanning. 
According to board president Marlene Reuman the board reviewed 18 applications and selected the top four to interview. 
“Actually I was surprised how well it went, with that many applicants,” said Reuman. 
Board members had the opportunity to preview all applications before the Wednesday night meeting which helped speed
 the process.
 The following candidates will visit the school this week for interviews with the board and a group of volunteer staff members. 
Doug Eppard, Presho; Julie Ertz, Box Elder; Greg East, Sioux Falls; and Patrick Jones, Rapid City.
 Reuman is hopeful that a decision can be made by the regular board meeting which is Monday, June 13. 
“Hopefully we have a replacement by July 1,” said Reuman. 
The June meeting will be current superintendent Bruce Carrier’s last as he starts his new position at the Winner School District 
in July.

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