September 14 2011

State releases 2010 Pheasant Hunting survey results

Posted by Lucy Halverson

More than 7,970 hunters, both resident and non-resident, harvested approximately 103,037 pheasants in Lyman County in 2010. Lyman County had the third highest reported harvest behind Spink County’s 109,000 and Brown County’s 127,000 birds according to survey information from the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department.

A Lyman County pheasant hunter averaged 12.9 birds for the season, which is up slightly from 2009 harvest of 12.1 birds per hunter. According to GF&P’s survey projections, there were 225 more hunters in the county during the 2010 season, which ran from Oct. 16 - Jan. 2, 2011.

Lyman County was fourth in the state in total revenue spent on pheasant hunting at $12.1 million; $10.9 million from out-of-state hunters and approximately $1.3 million. Statewide, 172,665 hunters harvested over one million pheasants during the 2010 season. The total number of birds was down from 1.6 million but the number of hunters was up slightly from 2009.

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