June 16 2004

[b]New byline coming to the Herald[/b]

Posted by Kim
Editors note: Freelance writer Jona Ohms byline will start appearing within the pages of the Herald from time to time. Jona is an experienced writer and we look forward to her contribution to the Herald.

By Jona Ohm

"Hi, my name is Jona Ohm. Jona, as in John-ahh..yep, thats right. Yes, Ohm as in electrical current. No, Im not related, that would be my husband."

Throughout the past two years of my life, I have had to spend a lot of time introducing myself. This was largely due to the fact that we kept moving around, and when one moves, they generally have to find a new job, make new friends and meet all sorts of new people for one reason or another. I see no reason to stop meeting new people now, so Id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, the good people of Lyman County.

I grew up in the southeast corner of North Dakota, in a tiny town called Fairmount - one gas station, two bars, 400 people. I graduated from high school in 1998, and started college at Valley City State University, west of Fargo about 50 miles. It was there that I fell in love with the newspaper industry and discovered a blissful alternative to teaching. (Im a great speller, but theres no way I had the guts to teach, and I knew it.) Until I started working on the college newspaper, I was leaning towards a career in Secret Sauce development and hoping to write a best-selling novel in my time away from McDonalds. Thank heaven for college newspapers!

Two semesters before I graduated, I transferred to Northern State University in Aberdeen, where I added a specialization in Desktop Publishing to my English degree. I got married six weeks before I graduated from college to Mark, whom I have known since I was 12. Then the moving began!

After graduation, I got a job at the Redfield Press. My husband grew up in Redfield, and was still working there with his dad. Since we both had jobs in Redfield, we decided it didnt make much sense to live in Aberdeen. After six months in Redfield, we moved to Australia, where I got my Masters Degree at the University of Wollongong, just south of Sydney. Youll hear more about Australia in the future, I guarantee it.

We made the big move home early last August and went out to Pierre, where Mark completed the education necessary for his new job. Just three months ago, we made our seventh move, here to Chamberlain, where we plan to stay.for as long as youll have us, anyway. I may have gotten good at packing, but that doesnt mean I enjoy it.

So here we are! Done with school, happy in our jobs and looking for a house to buy. Maybe we should get a dog and some more heavy furniture, too. The more difficult moving will be, the more reason we have to stay put.

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