June 16 2004

[b]Kennebec business, homeowners suffer wind damage [/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

A thunderstorm went through Lyman County Thursday night dumping up to 3 inches of rain in some places. A strong wind accompanied the rain leaving a path of damage through the town of Kennebec.
Trees were blown over and a few homes and out buildings suffered damage to shingles and siding in the fast moving storm that went through Kennebec. BankWest employees arrived at work Friday morning to discover water coming down through ceiling tile in the conference room, an office and the rest rooms. The wind apparently pulled the rubber roofing material off the flat top roof of the building. Water spread throughout the building soaking the carpet. Workers used wet/dry vacuums to suck over 70 gallons of water from the carpet. According to Branch President, Linda Gerard, the brunt of the damages occurred in the northwest corner of the building. While electronic equipment such as computers, TV, and VCR were damaged; no paper files or records were lost. The bank was open for business Friday while clean up work progressed.

Recent rainstorms over the past week have added to the areas subsoil moisture. Charles Bower, National Weather Observer, of Kennebec has recorded a total of 3.45 inches of rain in the past week while Frank Leichtnam, weather observer for the Presho area recorded 2.50 inches.

Rain fall reports coming in from individuals around the county vary greatly.

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