June 26 2013

The Tri-Bi-Quad is Back

Posted by Lucy

Classic race returns to Lyman County

      Get ready for the return of the Lyman Tri-Bi-Quad, a 350-yard swim in Lake Byre, a 3-mile run (on gravel road),  a 8.5 mile bicycle ride on gravel, dirt and asphalt, and a ½ mile 3-person canoe race through a predetermined course, Saturday, August 24 at Lake Byre north of Kennebec..

      The event which was formerly held in the mid 1980s on the 4th of July at Fate Dam is being brought back as part of the annual Lake Byre Day, hosted by the Kennebec Town & Country Club.

      Start time for the Tri-Bi-Quad will be at 10 a..m. on Saturday, August 24th.  Teams can register on facebook or contact Dean Reumann.  Cost is $75 per team if they have a canoe, and $100 if they need one provided.  Cost includes event shirt and post race refreshments and lunch. Teams are encouraged to enter early. Registration deadline is August 15th if a canoe is needed.  Skinny tire bikes are not advised.

      The event has a facebook page Tri-Bi-Quad Classic so you will receive updates if you "like" us. 

History of the Tri-Bi-Quad     

      This event organized by Dean Reumann of Presho was a team triathlon featuring a swim across Fate dam by the first team member followed by a three mile run by the second team member.  The third team member took a 7 mile bike ride around the dam and upon the bikers return, all three team members boarded a canoe and paddled a course plotted on the dam. 

      "The local Presho Jaycee chapter had been working at Fate Dam during that time and hosted a variety of events," said Reumann. 

      According to Reumann, the July 4th celebration often conflicted with wheat harvest,  and the afternoon start time sometimes saw temperatures of 100 degrees or more.  The event didn’t make it into the 1990’s. Over the past few years there had been some talk of trying to bring it again.

       Roy Kotz, son of Tri-Bi-Quad original swimmer Jim Kotz, Presho, encouraged Reumann to bring back the event.

      Last year it was decided to hold  the race as part Lake Byre Day.

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