June 29 2004

[b]Much of the state reports adequate moisture[/b]

Posted by Kim
The South Dakota Agricultural crop and weather report released Monday, June 28 indicates that the relatively dryer conditions of the past week have allowed farmers and ranchers to complete planting and start haying. Dry weather continues to deteriorate crop and range lands in western South Dakota.
Statewide, average temperatures were nearly ten degrees below normal for the past week. The week's high of 89 degrees occurred in Oelrichs; while Custer, Philip, and Dupree all recorded the week's low of 38 degrees. Warmer weather is needed for crops to continue to progress.

Soil moisture conditions are adequate for much of the state. A relatively dry week allowed surplus moisture conditions to decline in the east, but worsened conditions in the west where soils are predominately short to very short in moisture.

Livestock, pasture, and range conditions changed little last week. Conditions continue to be the most extreme in the west where some producers have reduced

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