June 29 2004

[b]New curator at Lyman County Historical Museum[/b]

Posted by Kim
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Melanie Bowers, curator, on the right and museum staffer Doreine Anderson view a family history in newly organized research section at the LCHS museum. photo by Lucy Halverson

By Lucy Halverson

New staff members and a host of volunteers have the Lyman County Museum open and ready to receive visitors from far and near.
Melanie Bowers, recently hired as the new museum curator, is responsible for the day to day operation, scheduling of staff and volunteers, and the arrangement of new displays in addition to a host of managerial type duties. Melanie and her husband Tom have lived in Vivian for over two years.

According to Melanie some of the changes around the museum this summer include organizing research material in the southwest corner of the main building into a more visitor friendly area. \"By placing a couple of new file cabinets back to back a sturdy, counter height work area was formed that is large enough to hold open books and old newspapers more easily,\" added Bowers.

A new display of original items from the Lyric Theater has been formed. Also, the depot display is currently under construction. Items that would have been in or around the town\'s depot are being rounded up for the display.

The museum will be open Sunday July 4th regular Sunday hours which are 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Area residents are encouraged to stop and visit the museum this summer.

Part-time staffers at the museum this summer include Doreine Anderson, Kennebec, Justine Perry, and Meghan Downs both of Presho. Community volunteers include Philip Caslin, Bonnie Diehm, Norma J. Johnson, Gay Murphy, Bette Reumann, Wanda Sweeney, Verna Young, Lonis and Lois Wendt, and Wanda Lee Sweeney.
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