March 24 2004

[b]Reliance News[/b] by Doreine Anderson

Posted by Kim
Wayne and Dorothy Monson spent the March 12-14th weekend in Rapid City. They attended a birthday surprise at the home of a cousin of Waynes and it was really a surprise!

Last Friday Bevs brother and wife, Don and Linda Bryan, Dickens, Iowa, were all day visitors in the Blaine and Bev Kenobbie home.

Saturday Dennis and Carol Stewart and girls, Tyndall, visited in the parental and grand parental Carrol and Dorothy Stewart home. After supper they returned home.

Ila Wagner has been informed that Frank and Ina Walker have moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Frank is feeling well.

Saturday afternoon and evening visitors in the parental Blaine and Bev Kenobbie home were their son and wife, Roy and Sherry Kenobbie, Pierre

Mark and Linda Wagner, Chamberlain, visited in the Ila Wagner home Tuesday evening. She returned home with them and was an overnight guest. They went to Mitchell Wednesday and Thursday and Ila returned home Friday.

The community expresses sympathy to Lloyd and Lynette Marken on the death of Lynettes aunt.

American Legion members Emanuel Wagaman, Lloyd Marken, Stan Nissen, Reliance, and John Christensen, Oacoma, Charles Bowar, Charles Hamer, George Quillin and Jim Sundall and Unit members Gloria Bowar, Catherine Peterson and Doreine Anderson, Kennebec, were in Hot Springs Saturday for the American Legion members annual trip to the Hot Springs Veterans Home and Hospital. They took seed corn caps, books, magazines, cookies, and clean, warm winter coats for future use by residents of the Home or Hospital The Legion had an afternoon of bingo for the residents of the Home and Hospital, followed by a lunch of cookies and coffee for them in each place. The cookies were baked by the Unit members in Reliance and Kennebec. The Unit members served the cookies and also helped where needed at the bingo games. It was a fun day!

Lloyd and Lynette Marken were in Stuart, Nebraska, Thursday, to honor the birthday of their daughter Kim Estes. Friday they were in Rapid City for the funeral of Lynettes aunt Dorothy Steensgaard. While they were in Rapid City they visited Muriel Bachelor.

Mary Burke, White Wood, was a weekend visitor in the home of her brother and wife, Jim and Gay Murphy.

A week ago Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Smith, Chamberlain, visited in the Lloyd and Lynette Marken home. They were Joker guests.

Ivan and Jeannie Quick, Alliance, Nebraska, spent Tuesday-Thursday Lyle and Leola Peterson home.

Darrin, Garret, Trenton and Marcia Peterson, Kennebec, were weekend guests in the Lyle and Leola Peterson home.

Verlyn and Jan Gruenig attended the regular meeting of Silver Leaf Chapter #96, Order of the Eastern Star, Presho, Monday, March 15, 2004.

Saturday, March 20, 2004, Verlyn and Jan Gruenig attended the Official visit at the Armour Star Chapter # 64, Order of the Eastern Star. Over 100 were in attendance. 7 Past Grand Worthy Patrons and 8 Past Grand Worthy Matrons were present. Jan was Pro-Tem Associate Matron.

Sunday, Dale, Sherry, Bailey and Quinn Lulf hosted supper, birthday cake and ice cream honoring Drews first birthday. Guests were Marvin and Judy Lulf, Chamberlain; Ron and Ruth Ann McManus; Don, Melinda, Liam, Brady, Katie and Allison McManus, and Jason and Jessica Hyde.

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