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Wednesday March 31, 2004

What a welcome rain Saturday! It seemed to freshen up and wash our world clean again. About 11/2 to 2 inches were measured in the community making everyone happy.

Ashley Severyn flew into Sioux Falls Saturday where his parents Dan and Terry picked him up. Coming from Ft. Eustis, VA, he will be stationed in Kentucky after a 2 week leave at home.

Katherine Authier and Kolette Struble, Kadoka attended the Mary Kay Career Conference in Omaha, NE, on Friday and Saturday. They are both Mary Kay dealers.

Last weeks story of the "Road of Yellow Ribbons" from I-90 north to Pierre didnt mention another helper, Dave Moore. Notice when you travel Hwy 83, all the ribbons along the way, tokens placed there to honor and respect our service men and women.

Little Maria Authier celebrated her third birthday Sunday at her home. Her mom and dad Katherine and Mike Authier, Benjamen and Alicia hosted it. Guests were Angeline and Terry Patrick, Tom and Marica Authier and Punk Strom

Guests last week of Evie Knutson were Dave and Janice Moore, Julie Larson, Donna Erikson, Pastor Lori Hope, Cora Millard, Stacy and Haley Booth and Kellie Partnam and son Michael, Dallas, TX. The Partnans are guests of her mother Colleen Booth.

Visiting Lorne and Carolyn Smith over the weekend were their son Marty and fiance Heather Bullard of Minneapolis.

Les Moore, Huron spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents Dave and Janice Moore. Invited guests for dinner Sunday were Larry and Lezlie Moore and Lex and Lane.

A National Guard young man said, "We are truly overwhelmed at the reception we have received here this morning!"

A convoy of five buses carrying the 200th Engineer Company of the South Dakota National guard were met by fire trucks, citizens of Lyman and Jones County and Patrol men who escorted them across South Dakota. They stopped at the Coffee Cup where Lesa and crew had decorated and were cheered by all. Among the community guardsmen were Tim Long, Kennebec, Stan Erickson and Brian Doherty of Pierre.

The unit included 170 guardsmen who had been gone 400 days, deployed to Iraq for 333 of those days.

They received an emotional welcome home and were feted on their entrance to Ft. Pierre and Pierre.

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