News Item: Volunteers raise the walls on a new Club House
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday November 23, 2011

Volunteers raise the walls on a new Club House

Three months after hurricane force winds destroyed the Club House at Medicine Creek Golf Course a new building has begun to take shape. Local volunteers under the direction of contractor Keth Evers of Fulda, Minn. Raised the walls on a new Club House last week. Board member Dean Reumann stated that they hope to have the sheeting completed by the end of this week and the building enclosed. “We want to do as much as we can with volunteer labor,” said Reumann, who is using his vacation time from work this week to assist with the construction. “We’ll hire what’s necessary but a we can do a lot of the interior work this winter.” According to Reumann, construction didn’t start because they were waiting for insurance money. “We had to wait for insurance, rafters, and then it was harvest and hunting,” said Reumann. Reumann added that anyone wishing to volunteer their time and talents to the project should log on to the club’s Facebook page for updates on work schedules.

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