News Item: Place your order for Daffodil Days
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday February 15, 2012

Place your order for Daffodil Days

      Local volunteers Presho, Kennebec, Vivian and Reliance will be taking daffodil orders for the 2012 American Cancer Society Daffodil Days Campaign this week.

      Items for sale are daffodil bunches, 10 blooms for $10; the American Cancer Society’s Boyd’s Bear "Shar N. Hope" and a bunch for $25; a vase and a bunch for $15; and the mini potted daffodil plants for $12.

      Contact Lois Comp or Kym Lebeda in Presho; Karen Gilman, Kennebec to pre-order daffodils. 

      Daffodil orders will be distributed throughout the Lyman County area the week of March 12.

      Daffodil Days is one of the American Cancer Society’s oldest and most beloved fundraising programs of the American Cancer Socity. As the first flower of spring, the daffodil represents hope and renewal. To the American Cancer Society, the daffodil symbolizes the hope of the society, to  save lives and  help people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back against cancer.

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