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Tuesday June 22, 2004

Virgil & Louise Miller returned home June 14th from a 12-day trip to Chesterfield, V A. to visit Doug, Sara & Kristie Miller. They attended Kristie's graduation and also visited several historical plantations; Appomattox Court House where Gen. Robert E.Lee (Conf. Army) officially surrendered to Gen. Grant (Union Army) to end the Civil War; and Montpelier which was owned by our 4th President James Madison. Steve Miller from Middletown, NY was also a visitor in the Miller home in Virginia.

Shery(Chester) and husband Dan Johnstone from Castlerock, CO and Donald and Rhonda Chester from Florence, MI spent Father's Day weekend with Shery and Donald's Father Lloyd Chester and Dianna and Jenna Urban.

Deanna & Virgil Johnson were at Canistota, SD Thursday; while there they took in the sites of Lake Vermillion, Mitchell's Prehistoric Indian Village and visited their friends at Alexandria.

Doc & Juanita Willis went to Mitchell Sunday night to visit their daughter Jane & Gary Kingsburg and his mother Helen Kingsburg.

Lorri & Tim Wagner had a Father's Day Picnic at their home on Sunday.

Mike & Wanda Sweeney spent last weekend at a family reunion in Fort

Robbinson at Crawford, NE. All the kids attended but one.

Mike & Nola Amber celebrated Father's Day weekend with all their kids home. A fish fry on Saturday was enjoyed by Tracie Amber, Aaron and Andrea and kids, Dana and Bryan Kouri and Kids, Eileen Pavlin, Arvid & Arlene Amber and Dick & Arvidene Stanley.

On Friday Leonard & Joan Potter took their grandson, Shawn Branine home to Harrold, SD after he spent a week taking swimming lessons at the Presho pool. Leonard & Joan were in Humbolt on Saturday at a Reichling family reunion. Joan's mother Ann Mohr from the Brady Home in Mitchell was also able to attend. Ann has 2 younger sisters who were also there and who are also residents in nursing homes.

Everett & Frances Terca went to Sturgis Thursday to visit Dick & Sylvia Dolly and Tootie and Dick Carstensen. On Saturday evening Tootie, Sylvia and Frances attended the play "Guys & Dolls" at the Community Actors Guild. They returned home on Sunday.

Tammy, David, Dusty and Mandy Cole left Friday afternoon for a fun filled weekend in Rapid City. Spending the nights with David's sister Judy & Dave Blair.

Supper guest at the Jim Cole's house Sunday night were Tammy, David and Mandy Cole. Sonja and Ryan Johnson came to visit and play later.

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