News Item: [b]Women create a partnership to help small businesses succeed[/b]
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Tuesday January 27, 2004

Tonya Ness

By Lucy Halverson

Four entrepreneurial women from around the state launched a new business called Frontier Partners January 1 in Kennebec. The business chose Kennebec for their headquarters because of the central location.

Tonya Ness, Kennebec has formed a partnership with associates, Holly Remund, Huron; Dawn Mutchelknaus, Huron; and Cary Griswold, Rapid City to offer small businesses affordable services they need to succeed in business.

"Frontier Partners, your working partner," is available to help small business with business planning and problem solving the business may not have the expertise to handle," stated Ness. Frontier Partners, with nearly 40 years of combined work experience in communication, business marketing, agriculture, and accounting offers strategic planning, feasibility studies, and grant writing services. "If we don't have the expertise to handle your business needs, we have a network of professional contacts to confer with," Ness added. Frontier Partners are now accepting clients from around the state.

Ness resigned as executive secretary of the South Dakota Cattlemen December 31, after nine years with the non-profit organization. The Cattlemen moved their headquarters from Kennebec to Pierre January 8, 2004. Ness, who purchased the old clinic building on Kennebec's Main Street, had rented office space to the Cattlemen.

Dawn (Larson) Mutchelknaus has roots in the Kennebec area as her family lived on the Medicine Creek Ranch north of Kennebec back in the late 70's and early 80's.

The other two partners, Remund and Griswold come from rural South Dakota backgrounds.

The phone number for Frontier Partners is 869-2257. The partners expect their web site, to be up and running by February 1.

Interested parties are encouraged to stop by Frontier Partner's booth at the upcoming Kennebec Business Appreciation night February 7 at the Kennebec gym.

According to Ness, as their slogans states, they will be 'your working partner' in helping your business be successful.

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